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Angues Passion Fruit Liqueur, High End Liqueur Bottle, Angues

Angues presents itself to the world as an authentic passion fruit liqueur, with a unique and exotic flavor, free from any aditives, preservatives and gmo's. Furthermore, the exclusivity enveloped in passion fruit, along with the aforementioned traits surrounding the flavor represents the brand's core values which best characterizes our product.

The liqueur holds a pleasant and enticing passion fruit aroma, as well as a pure passion fruit flavor that infuses the taste buds, making the whole drinking experience much more enjoyable.


We could not present our first liqueur without making an honorable mention of the bottle. The diamond shaped bottle is made of super flint glass and was meticulously designed to match its fine delicate contents.   


Estrada da Atalaia n9, 2530-009 Lourinhã


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