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Angues Liqueurs High End Premium Bottles

Angues: A 30-Year Journey

In 1987, Angues embarked on its journey with the development of our very first liqueur, which would later become known as Angues, three decades later.

This journey began on the enchanting Atlantic pearl, one of Portugal's most beautiful islands. The objective was to craft a unique and original liqueur based on a closely guarded family recipe, shared only among family members and close friends.

Over the years, we relentlessly refined and perfected the formula, aspiring to create an exceptional taste. However, we believed it needed something extra to truly elevate the experience. This led to the creation of our liqueurs that not only taste exceptional but also carry a delightful fragrance.

With each experience, the positive feedback we received inspired us to share our exclusive creation with the world. It is now our pleasure to introduce Angues to everyone, allowing you to savor and appreciate our remarkable creation.


Estrada da Atalaia n9, 2530-009 Lourinhã


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