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Angues Liqueurs High End Premium Bottles

...dates back to 1987

Angues - Its first debut dates back to 1987. It was during this year that our first liqueur was developed, and would eventually be known as Angues 30 years later!

About 30 years ago, an experiment took place on the Atlantic pearl, one of the most beautiful Islands of Portugal. The aim of such an experiment was to handcraft a new liqueur, a unique and original one based on a family recipe, kept secret and cherished by family members and close friends only. 

Throughout the years, we have improved and refined its formula, striving for perfection. Phenomenal taste was the aim but we knew we needed more than that. We felt it needed something extra, that could accentuate and elevate the taste and thus creating the most memorable experience while drinking Angues. This is the reason why our liqueurs today not only tastes good, but possess such a pleasant scent!

The more people experience the liqueur, the more positive feedback we get. So we decided that the time had come to make our exclusive product known to the world, granting everyone the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy our creation... Angues! 


Estrada da Atalaia n9, 2530-009 Lourinhã


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